Bellestares Pharma is a universe of health and beauty, modernity and tradition. This is why our laboratories have combined the best and most vanguard cosmetic advances with the richness of natural cosmetics. We have developed a range where Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, from our organic plantations on the Canary Islands is the starring and most important ingredient: ‘Clearly the best aloe vera in the world due to its extraordinary composition in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and more’.

Both our face and body creams and bath and sun products contain at least 50% aloe vera. To this foundation of natural hair and skin protection, we have then added specific elements to improve and care for them. We believe it would be impossible to find products created with pure aloe vera and such fantastic absorption and such a tantalising aroma. If the quality of our products is impressive, the medicinal properties are equally spectacular, and we believe it represents a true milestone at Bellestares Pharma.

In addition to caring for skin and hair, it is an enormous sensory pleasure.

Maximum tolerance

All Bellestares Pharma products have been thoroughly tested under strict conditions to minimise any undesirable reactions. The quality of the raw materials used pamper the skin and provide comfort and a sense of wellbeing. And, naturally, none of our products have been tested on animals.

Innovation and active nature 

Effective formulas based on the balance between maximum innovation and the purest, richest ingredients provided to us by naturetic

Supreme cosme

Bellestares Pharma develops top-quality cosmetics that ensure effectiveness, safety, satisfaction and a unique experience.
Aesthetic-cosmetic use

Aloe is an important ingredient in our beauty products, as it penetrates all three layers of the skin (epidermis, dermis and hypodermis), expelling bacteria and fat deposits that can clog the pores. The action of its nutrients (vitamins, amino acids, minerals and enzymes) stimulate cell reproduction. In addition to cellular regeneration, aloe is an excellent at healing scars or marks and is a toner. With regular use, it prevents premature wrinkles and retards the effects of ageing. It is also an excellent sun filter and eliminates sun spots.

Hair use

Aloe is effective in hair and scalp care. The gel’s penetrative capacity opens the pores of the scalp, and the amino acids from the plant revitalise healthy tissues. It provides deep cleaning and draws all impurities to the surface, letting them be easily removed.


• Cleaning: as a shampoo, aloe vera easily penetrates the skin of the scalp, opening up the pores, drawing all impurities to the surface, so that they can be easily washed away. The combination of amino acids and polysaccharides cleans and regenerates healthy tissues.
• Elimination of oil and seborrhoea: Expels fatty deposits that obstruct the hair follicles. Symptoms disappear after the very first applications.
• Elimination of dandruff: aloe vera combats dandruff and prevents it from reappearing.
• Nourishing: contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals that nourish and revitalise hair, making it strong and shiny.
• Regenerative: helps supply blood that is so essential to the hair follicles for the proper growth of the hair and to prevent it from falling out.
• Conditioner: Due to having substances with a similar composition to keratin, aloe vera rejuvenates the hair, providing it with the same nutrients, where the result is shinier, more resilient and supple hair.

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